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Beat the Lag

Oh, the joy of travel. Jet setting across the globe; exploring exotic locales, sampling international cuisine, adventures around every corner, wonderful new cultural experiences....but wait, you are experiencing none of this, you’re locked down in your hotel room in the fetal position...does jet lag got you down?

Don’t let jet lag hamper your travel. Here are a few simple hacks that allow you to beat the lag.

Flying increases dehydration, which worsens the physical affect of jet lag. So the first hack is crucial, stay well hydrated prior to, during and after your flights. This includes avoiding alcohol and caffeine, which further promotes dehydration.

Adopt the timezone you’re in. A trick that always works for me is to keep my sleep schedule on track with my normal bed time. So even if I arrive early AM half way around the globe, no matter how long I’ve been awake, I force myself to stay awake until normal sleep time. Take an easy hike, go shop to pick up some things for the room, go chill by the pool....just do something. Taking a nap may provide instant gratification, yet will hinder getting a successful full night sleep later. Getting that solid night of sleep is the key to keeping jet lag in check.

Another hack is supplementing with melatonin and magnesium approximately 30 minutes before going to bed. The combo is relaxing and aids in recovery from the stresses of flight. Sleep tight!!!!

Lastly, don’t compare time zones. Erase any evidence of your home timezone. Ensure that all devices and watches are set to local time. Live in the moment.

Okay, there is one more. Don’t acknowledge that jet lag exists. As long as you are getting adequate quality sleep, maintaining good nutrition and continuing with your normal fitness routine, there is no reason to deal with jet lag. Your mind will believe what you tell it, your body will follow. So jump on that big jet plane and take that trip, and enjoy every moment of it lag free.

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