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Cheating Yourself with Cheat Days

We‘ve all had that cheat day. Yet who

are we really cheating? Most of justify the cheat as a reward. We deserve it! Yet what we actually rewarding ourselves with is a good dosage of inflammation from unhealthy foods, further increasing of chance of cancers, heart disease and diabetes, and usually a feeling of just grossness after a sugary, refined, processed, trans fat calorie bomb. A true reward would be treating yourself to wholesome real food that not only tastes incredible yet makes us feel incredible.

Discovering wholesome, real food is a lifestyle, and when fully adopted, is what our body craves, is what our body needs. Eating real food isn’t restrictive, and we thrive on healthy fats, quality proteins and vegetable carbs. If you are putting quality foods into your body and satisfying your nutrient requirements, your cravings and food addictions go away.

Still not convinced? Ok, let’s look beyond the empty calories that accompany poor food choices, let’s examine the biological impacts of food cheats.

For example, consuming a sugary or refined grain cheat meal impacts gut health, reversing all the repairs achieved my a healthy diet and lifestyle. Can take up seven days to repair that gut damage after a cheat meal. So if you are cheating once a week, the gut will remain in a continuous unhealthy state. Additionally, these cheat foods create inflammation; precursor to almost all diseases.

I like to compare our bodies to a well oiled machine. You wouldn’t add oil all week, then on the weekend substitute sand for the oil. Not only would it wreck havoc on the machine for just that moment, yet would destroy the engine, requiring major repairs. Your body is no different.

Furthermore, many unhealthy food substances, like sugar, are extremely addictive, and once that addictive cycle is broken, it needs to be avoided. We don’t promote alcoholics to

drink all they want on the weekends, no worry, just sober up and abstain again starting Monday morning. We all know that wouldn’t work, why would we believe anything different in dealing with food additions.

So, don’t memorialize a cheat day as a reward, realize it for what it is, a Sabotage risk to

your healthy lifestyle. Instead, truly reward yourself by staying the course with healthy eating; feel great, look great, have unlimited energy, sleep better, live disease free, and yes, experience improved performance in all areas of your life. That’s the greatest cheat..,,to cheat an early death.

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