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Gone Cuckoo for Coconuts!

Seems that the world has gone cuckoo for coconuts, with the craze sweeping the nation and coconut oil and other coconut products becoming a mainstay in heathy cooking recipes. Believe the hype or not, there is one thing we can all agree upon...coconut tastes great, and enhances the taste of nearly anything you add it to.

So, when I recently discovered coffee at the age of 55, appreciating its caffeine punch, yet not having acquired the love for its taste, I knew I needed to figure out out a way to dolly it up. After much experimenting, this is what I came up with, and I must say, I find it quite satisfying and provides the push I need to excel me through some of my tougher workouts, and for some days, to just get me pointed in the right direction out the door.

It's simple, easy to throw together, and thanks to the coconut oil, stays with you a bit and buffers the affect of caffeine on the gut.

2 TBS Cuban Espresso (I use instant because I only make single cup)

1 TBS Coconut Oil (Cold pressed tastes best)

1 TBS Cocoa

1 TSP Saigon Cinnamon

8 oz Almond milk and Coconut milk are my preference, yet any milk of your choice works.

**Note: I normally do not add any sweeter to mine, the Saigon cinnamon really provides enough smoothness for my sweet craving. Yet if you prefer yours more decadent and looking for a treat, add 1TBS of condensed coconut milk. As my teenage son would say..."It's Fire!"

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