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Hangry no More 🤬👿

Aloha health enthusiasts! Going to discuss a topic today that isn’t all that sexy, yet an extremely critical aspect of healthy living. We all enjoy reading about how we can utilize a healthy diet to boost our physical performance, achieve that lean body, create endless energy, and more. Yet today wanted to focus on the impact our diets have on our mental health.

In particular, studies have demonstrated that a diet in high sugar has a direct and negative impact on brain function; to include mood swings, depression and yes....being hangry. Studies have shown that the standard high sugar western diet results in depression rates 35% higher than in countries’ that eat a more wholesome diet. In teens that rate of risk of depression is as high as 80% over youths that eat a healthy diet. That’s a scary statistic and if you have a teenager in your family, is a statistic that you need not to gloss over.

Furthermore, research has shown that type 2 diabetes is a precursor to Alzheimer's, further demonstrating the tie that a high sugar diet has on brain health. Making changes now to your diet could prevent both Diseases.

So what Is a brain healthy diet? First and foremost, reduce the sugars, which include the refined starches and simple carbs. Be sure that you are also avoiding processed foods, filling your plate instead with green leafy veggies, omega 3 rich fish, fruits, nuts & seeds, whole grains and my favorite....dark chocolate... in moderation. Also evidence supports that probiotics and fermented foods such as kefir, yogurt, kimchee, miso, sauerkraut and more may directly nourish the brain; improving mental outlook and reducing the risk of depression.

Brain Health is too often taken for granted, and we often fail to make that connection that how we think, and our moods are directly tied to how we Nourish our bodies. Yet unfortunately, by the time we realize degradation of our mental functions, it may be too late. Manifestations of mental illness are often a result of damage done decades earlier. So critical that we ensure that we are eating healthy now. Ensure that you are eating wholesome foods that support healthy brain function and that you preserve your mental awareness to support good food choices now and into our senior years.

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