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The I'M Possible You...Ready, Set, Go!!!!

  With so much conflicting information out there on nutrition and fitness, it is easy to get confused, and not know where to start.  It can also be intimidating in trying to shift through all the different diet plans and expert recommended workouts. Trust me, everyone has a product to sell, yet know that there is no magic pill.  But it doesn't have to be hard. All it takes is the will to change, focus on balanced nutrition, and a little bit of shaking and baking!

  So when is the best time to get started on reaching for your health and fitness goals?  Now!!!! Start by asking yourself, what do you want to achieve? I know a lot of us are quick to throw out a number of pounds that we want to lose.  Yet look beyond that. Ask yourself how your life would be different if you lost that extra 20 pounds? You’d be able to do more with your children and grandchildren, more energy, take that adventure vacation, eliminate medications, and yes, look great, and so much more.  There is no limit to what you can achieve. Then take it a step further, where do you see yourself 20 years from now if you make these positive lifestyle changes now? How about where you'll be if not? Can be grime. So let’s do this!

  Next let’s focus on your nutrition, which can be daunting, so many diets and all set to conflict with each other, all backed in science and experts all aggressively selling their diet as the best.  How does one sort through the maze? You don't. As you go down the road of nutrition and become more versed, I encourage all to explore and study, research what's out there. Yet in getting started, recommend that you keep it simple, if not you will change your focus with every article that you read.  So let’s start with what all the "experts" readily agree on. Sugar is bad. Eliminate it as much as you can, which includes simple-starches with a high glycemic index. Sodas are loaded with sugars and should be avoided, yet you may be surprised to learn that most fruit juices pack just as much sugar. Best to eat your fruit, not drink it, get all the fiber and nutrients.  Lastly, processed foods, which includes chemically laden microwave ready made meals, don't let healthy labels fool you; most canned foods, and pretty much anything that lists more than a couple of ingredients are processed. Try to get your nutrients from food that is unprocessed and shipped direct from the farm and garden whenever possible, thus ensuring that you are eating real food!  A good trick at meal time, fill half your plate first with fresh veggies, then add in your portion of protein and fat macros.

 What's next, get moving.  Although nutrition is crucial, the role of fitness in supporting optimum health is huge.  I'm a big proponent of resistance training for increasing both muscular strength and bone density, mobility and to keep your metabolism revved up 24/7.  Yet also important to get some cardio in there, really strengthens the heart and lungs, and is also a great calorie burner, and can also be crucial in improving one's mobility.  There are lots of options out there, with the key to success being consistency! Not so crucial what you do getting started, just get out there do something and do it regularly!!!

  Are you ready?  Know that this isn't the road to purgatory, just the opposite.  Eating nutritionally dense foods is what you body needs and craves, and your taste buds will quickly adjust to allow you to savor your foods like you never dreamed.  Once you kick the sugar habit and bombard your body with real food, those fresh strawberries will taste sweeter than ever, that broccoli will send a rush of flavors across your tongue and you will be amazed how you food becomes so much more enjoyable and tasty!   Likewise with your workouts. We all have a day one, and none of us are experts when we first start. Head out of the gates easy, keep it fun. Could be a casual walk, an easy bike ride, a hike with friends, a swim at the beach, maybe some light stretching, or some simple body weight name it, the options are endless.  Do not think that you have to be a gym rat to maintain a level of fitness, not required. Just start by getting moving, and let it evolve as you explore what’s out there. Fun and fit go together, get some!! Release the

I’m Possible You!  

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