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Why SKINNY is the new BIG! The HARD truth about the LIMP EXCUSE!!!!

Guys, listen up...ladies, take notes. Bigger isn’t better, that is if it’s your waistline.

The research is overwhelming, with studies showing higher risks of erectile dysfunction (ED) for overweight men, with risk factors correlating to those associated with heart disease. With ED the only thing getting HARD are your arteries, reducing blood flow to the penis. A Harvard study also linked ED to high LDL cholesterol, and a Belgium study demonstrated that 50% of men with diabetes have some level of sexual dysfunction. Is the poor blood circulation that affects sexual stimuli. So that Viagra isn’t actually treating your sexual dysfunction, it’s treating heart disease, temporarily increasing blood flow to the penis to compensate for the clogged arteries.
To compound the problem, weight gain results in reduced testosterone and decreased libido, with an inverse increase in estrogen production. This cycle further affects ED and can quickly cause other serious health issues, in that the combination of testosterone reduction and estrogen increases results in loss of muscle mass, increased weight gain and affect one’s ability to get quality sleep. These affects are self-perpetuating; decreased sleep promotes additional weight gain, those extra pounds further affects your ability to sleep, and so on, and so on!. Ugh, how does one get off this merry-go-round!!!!’ 🙀
Though there isn’t a magic bullet, nor is there any one superfood that can reverse ED and improve your low "T", you can turn this around with healthy lifestyle choices.
First step, establish a heart healthy nutrition plan to promote weight loss. Cutting out sugars, processed foods, refined grains, and toxic oils; while adding in whole, real foods like fruit, vegetables, fish, whole grains and healthy oils is a great start. A health / nutrition coach can help guide you through this process.
Is also encouraged to add in resistance training, which will not only promotes weight loss, yet promotes testosterone production and increased muscle mass. 💪🏼 Of course cardio / endurance training is also very productive and can turn you into a top performer not only for the long run or ride, but also in the bedroom...better set that Luther Vandross playlist to repeat. 😜
The good news for you, even better news for her....with as little as a 10% decrease in body weight, the risk of ED is greatly reduced. As you thin down you become a lean, mean sex-machine, you go TIGER! So don’t let her down, let’s make those lifestyle changes to GET IT's not HARD, yet it can be soon!
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